NPP Polyplastic and Polimer Teknik Sign Cooperation Agreement

Russia’s leading compound producer NPP Polyplastic sees Polimer Teknik, a manufacturer of co-rotating twin-screw extruders, as a machine and equipment supplier for current and future production facilities.

Alexander Pavlov, General Manager of NPP Polyplastic, and Ersel Filiz, General Manager of Polimer Teknik, signed a cooperation agreement for future projections at Polimer Teknik’s facility in Bursa.

Noting the necessity of interacting with suppliers from friendly countries, NPP Polyplastic General Manager Pavlov said, “Polimer Teknik will be an important partner for us against sanctions on Russian compound producers and the ban on imports of machinery and equipment from Western countries. The engineering industry is developing, and this is critical to providing a seamless production process. We appreciate Polimer Teknik’s capabilities and potential, which regularly offers market developments and continuously improves its solutions. The next step of our cooperation agreement is to sign another contract for the supply of production equipment between our companies.”

Ersel Filiz, General Manager of Polimer Teknik, emphasized the importance of cooperation with Russia’s leading compound producer NPP Polyplastics, stating, “Such interaction will not only allow us to share our experiences in scientific and technical activities and the presence of poex equipment in the Russian market, but also have a positive impact on strengthening industrial ties between Russia and Turkey. Developing a strategic partnership in the plastic processing market between our countries will serve as an example for other markets.”

Representatives from NPP Polyplastic predict that demand for polypropylene-based polymer compounds will increase by 11% between 2024 and 2026, highlighting the expectation of economic recovery in line with the strong growth in manufacturing industry indicated in the Consolidated Development Strategy of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia.


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