Polimer Teknik barrels are specifically designed for poex T series. Standard poex barrels can be produced both as solid and liner insert, as well as having a modular structure that provides high flexibility to its users.

With its optimized barrel channel structure, it provides an excellent heat transfer with cooling medium and electrical heating at the process section. Each zone has a separate heating/cooling system and provides users flexible working opportunity.

As an option, another barrel structure produced by Polimer Teknik is the clamshell barrel system. It provides maximum and easy access to the process section by opening the split barrels horizontally & thanks to its modular structure that enables the screw and barrels to be changed very quickly. Thus, the system ensures easy cleaning of the barrel and screw segments at the end of each production cycle.

Easy assembly and disassembly, easy cleaning, no needing for extra equipment for replacing and repairing are some of the advantages of Polimer Teknik innovative barrels. One of the main distinguishing quality features of poex twin screw extruders is the automatic control of electric heating and liquid cooling systems  with zone temperature control. Therefore, each zone has a separate heating and cooling control.

In addition, different types of barrels can be produced according to customer demands and our production capabilities.


Material Overview

Protection Against

Material Code





PSW50 Nitrided
0,5-0,6 mm X X
PSW79 Tool Steel Through Hardened XX XX
PSW12 Stainless Tool Steel Through Hardened X XXX
PSW40 Tool Steel Through Hardened XXX XX
PSW-HS High Speed Steel Through Hardened XXX X
PSW26 HIP-PM Steel Through Hardened XXXXX XXXX
PSW39 HIP-PM Steel Through Hardened XXXX XXX