Dosing Systems

poex feeders are utterly versatile machines for the volumetric and gravimetric dosing of various materials with different properties very accurately. Whether it concerns powders, grains, flakes, chips, pills: poex offers you a feeder which can perfectly dose these for you! Additionally, poex feeders present solution for feeding of liquid ingredient as well. Liquid feeders provide accurate continuous volumetric or gravimetric flow control of liquids. The highly accurate gravimetric units combine the pump and tank with a suspension scale or platform scale; the feed pump for metering the material is located outside the scale area. When the liquids are fed, each application may consist the special requirements. A wide range of pumps and tanks can be combined to constitute a liquid feeder and satisfy the specific demands. The feed pump is selected according to the material and the required feeding capacity as diaphragm pumps or gear pump.

poex feeders offer flexible wall hopper technology for bulk materials. The walls are massaged with paddles from the outside to keep the powder, which is to be dosed. This way prevents rathole and bridging of dry materials. Hence optimal dosing is guaranteed. Many manufacturers in various industries have confidence in this proven feeder technology for the reliable dosing of their dry bulk materials. Available in different sizes and screws variants in different diameters. The dosing devices are available in volumetric and gravimetric models and can be supplemented with many options, such as nozzles, measurement and control electronics, extension hoppers and a wide assortment of complementary applications.

The capacity is controlled by frequency invertors for volumetric machines. For continuous gravimetric dosing, an advanced weight control is used.