Solutions for the granulation needs of the poex G series granulators, which are specially designed for the granulation of polymers, are offered. poex G series granulators provide stable product quality with the selection of the appropriate steel material type. Wear and corrosion resistant design is available depending on process requirements. At the same time, poex granulators provide easy use and maintenance thanks to their unique designs.


Operationg Width

Motor Power

Line Speed*

Number of strand*

poex G15 15 mm 1 kW 30-70 m/min. 1
poex G60 60 mm 2,2 kW 30-70 m/min. 15
poex G100 100 mm 5,5 kW 30-70 m/min. 25
poex G200 200 mm 7,5 kW 30-70 m/min. 50
poex G300 300 mm 15 kW 30-70 m/min. 75
poex G400 400 mm 22 kW 30-70 m/min. 100
poex G600 600 mm 37 kW 30-70 m/min. 150

The above values ​​are for granule diameter and length of 3 mm. Granular size adjustable granulator systems are optionally available.

The table contains the general information of the standard G series granulator. Special production can also be made in line with customer demands.