Raw Material Handling Systems

poex provides innovative bulk material handling, raw material handling, pneumatic conveying systems and bulk containers for the reliable automation of production processes for the plastic industry.

Flexibility is the key feature in all systems, especially for the production of many different engineering grade plastics.

The raw material from bulk containers are conveyed into the external silos by pressure conveying. Depending on the raw material, the silos are equipped with a head space drying system and partly as a two-chamber silo.

Pneumatic suction conveyor systems bring the raw materials to the receivers located above the extruders.

Medium and small components, which are available in sacks, containers or mixing vessels are emptied into the receivers via appropriate discharge bases. The premix for the mixing vessels is weighed and filled with additives on its own manual weighing station. Micro components such as paints are added directly to the extruder via a feeding hopper.

Granular raw materials are fed into the system either via a simple feeding funnel or via a combined discharge base.