poex T70

Co-rotating twin screw extruders we manufacture are generally used for the production of prime polymers and engineering polymer compounds. In addition, twin screw extruders have a wide range of uses ranging from plastic to food, from powder coating manufacturing to special formulation studies, from cosmetics to pharmaceutical industry. The terminology of our machines is geared towards pumping and mixing. It is the only machine that can mix formulated materials at the most efficient and molecular level, providing continuous flow or production.

Teknik Özellikler

Screw Diameter (mm) : 70,5 — 73
L/D : 36 –56
Do/Di : 1,55 — 1,70
Torque Density (NM/cm3) : up to 16
Screw Speed (rpm) : max. 1000
Capacity (kg/h) : 800-2000

Uygulama Alanları

  • Compounding
  • Film Ekstrüzyon
  • İleri Düzey Geri Dönüşüm
  • Toz Boya
  • Gıda Ekstrüzyon