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About Polimer Teknik

Polimer Teknik was established in 2007 in order to manufacture twin screw extruder, extruder equipments and its spare parts when there wasn’t any manufacturer on this field in Turkey. In a short span of time, Polimer Teknik achieved being a well-known and demanded company.

In the past years, Polimer Teknik has presented a name as a trademark poex and has made the brand a reliable trademark with the best quality as well.


Upon the request of our current and potential customers before their purchasing decisions, the formulations they target are produced in our company and their evaluations can be made. In this context, it is among our main goals to ensure customer satisfaction before sales with deep studies on both machine configuration and formulations.


All quality control tests are performed before shipment for consumables such as screws, barrels, gears, and cutting blades that we manufacture, and their reports, material certificates and heat treatment reports are presented to our customers, and witness samples are kept by us.

Extruder Models


poex offers solutions for the pelletizing requirements of its customer with poex G series strand pelletizers which are specially designed for the granulation…

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Vibrating Screen

Vibrating screen is also an important accessory for strand pelletizer and pellet making process of plastic and…

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Screen Changers

The hydraulic screen changers are characterized by simple design, ergonomics and rationality which they were designed. Thanks to a uniform and…

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Gear Pumps

Gear pumps increase the capacity in proportion to the time of start-up. Gear pump determines the operation according to the pressure…

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Dosing Systems

poex feeders are utterly versatile machines for the volumetric and gravimetric dosing of various materials with different properties very…

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Control Systems

The control system offered is the latest state of the art control system. Drive control through microprocessor based direct drive and…

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Raw Material Handling Systems

poex provides innovative bulk material handling, raw material handling, pneumatic conveying systems and bulk containers for the reliable…

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Strand Dryers

Strand dryer has two-piece vacuum strips that can be positioned and placed along the water bath to draw water off the strands as…

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