About Us

Polimer Teknik was established in 2007 in order to manufacture twin screw extruder, extruder equipments and its spare parts when there wasn’t any manufacturer on this field in Turkey. In a short span of time, Polimer Teknik achieved being a well-known and demanded company.

Polimer Teknik has a young and dynamic structure which has given new meaning to the market with its innovative and visually esthetic extruders by using modern technology and the best qualified equipment.

Polimer Teknik that earnestly pays attention on new product development and support the product quality with scientific tests has many patented equipment at its field. Since Polimer Teknik was established, it has attained an important place in the market by exporting the machines to many countries.

In the past years, Polimer Teknik has presented a name as a trademark poex and has made the brand a reliable trademark with the best quality as well.