About us

Twin Screw Extruder Manufacturer Polimer Teknik Mak Muh San Tic Ltd Sti provides professional service in Plastic process machines with its international experience and engineer staff.

Our company manufactures Twin Screw Extruders and equipment, the most important and most widely used of plastic process machines.

Twin screw extruders have a wide range of uses ranging from plastic to food, from paint manufacturing to chemical special formulation studies, from cosmetics to pharmaceutical industry. The terminology of our machines is geared towards pumping and mixing. It is the only machine that can mix formulated materials at the most efficient and molecular level, and can produce with continuous flow.

The most common usage area of ​​twin screw extruders we manufacture is in the plastics industry. Our productions take place on a wide scale from laboratory scale to industrial production facilities.

With its complete turnkey systems, the whole process is gathered under the responsibility of Polimer Teknik. The only contact person is Polimer Teknik, and the process from production to installation process is completed as soon as possible.

Our company operates in Bursa, Turkey. It makes its own unique designs with its expert staff in our city, where there is a wide machinery manufacturing sector. Our company, which has extensive experience abroad and in the country, receives support from Tübitak, especially with its R&D studies. We are renewing our technology with our young and dynamic staff who are in continuous development.

Our company attaches great importance to the R&D department and uses a significant part of its turnover in R&D investments. Twin screw extruders we manufacture in this regard are operated continuously and tested on many composite materials. We make patent applications by making new inventions that can meet customer needs without any problems.

Our company, which has adopted the principle of reliability, perceives our customers as business partners with the principle that I would rather lose money than lose people’s trust.