Polimer Teknik, Turkey’s first manufacturer of co-rotating twin screw extruders, continues to grow in parallel with the development of plastic material technologies. Careful use of resources for a healthy and happy future generation is one of our core philosophies. Protecting our universe, which has limited resources, is becoming increasingly important with the world’s growing population and consumption habits.

Using energy-efficient and long-lasting inputs in the consumables, energy, water, and chemical material consumption of the plastic processing machinery we produce is one of our corporate strategies. In doing so, we’re providing our point-of-view directly to our customers. In addition to offering sustainable products to the local and global market, we’re also considering the environmental and economic impacts of our operations in our own systems and processes.

We follow various roadmaps for the traceability and management of our sustainability goals. Our carbon footprint and water footprint reports are indicators of this. The Sustainability Committee established within our company for monitoring and developing sustainability efforts is a testament to our commitment to the issue.

Our participation as the only company from the Turkish plastics processing machinery industry in the “Twin Transformation Project for Developing International Competitiveness in the Machinery Sector” organized by the Turkish Machinery Exporters’ Association and focuses on green and digital transformation practices, is evidence of our leadership in this field. Our sustainability efforts not only benefit our company but society and our planet, so we’re creating awareness through our relationships with customers, suppliers, industry stakeholders, civil society, and government institutions.

Our environmental impact and sustainability guidelines include the ISO 14001-2015 Environmental Management System, the Zero Waste Management System implemented by the Turkish Ministry of Environment, Urbanism and Climate Change, national and international regulations, the Turkey Machinery Sector Sustainability Action Plan Report prepared by the Turkish Machinery Exporters’ Association, the United Nations Turkey Sustainable Development Objectives, and the European Union Corporate Sustainability Principles.