poex T16

Designed as a laboratory line for R&D studies as well as optimizing new product formulations in the plastics, chemicals, food and pharmaceutical industries, poex T16 Scientific stands out as the twin screw extruder with the smallest screw diameter produced by Polimer Teknik. The line offers ease of use and high operating flexibility thanks to its modular structure that allows screw and shaft sets to be changed in a few minutes.

In the new generation compound line, screw and barrel materials with sufficient strength are selected depending on the application conditions and the materials to be processed. In addition, depending on the process conditions such as very low viscosity chemical reactive extrusion, where extra sealing protection is required, high temperature and wear resistant gaskets are used between the shells based on R&D studies. Depending on the process, degasser deaerators, side feeders, melt pressure sensor mounting points can be produced with blind plugs. In lines where gravimetric dosing systems can be integrated optionally, filling and minerals can be fed easily and with high precision.

Technical Specifications

Screw Diameter (mm) : 16
Torque Density : up to 16 Nm/cm3
Screw Speed : 600 rpm
OD/ID : from 1,55 to 1,66
L/D : 40
Barrel : Moduler Type
Capacity : 1-10 kg/h
Motor : SEW Eurodrive Senkron Motor, IP55
Safety Clutch : Mayr EAS smartic
Gearbox : poex