poex presents to its customers energy and time-saving innovation with combinations the benefits of recycling and compounding in a single plant. The system produces custom-made recycling compounds for especially high-quality applications.

Twin screw co-rotating recompound extruders can handle all compounding operations with excellent mixing and degassing properties. In addition to the dosage of a wide variety of additives, high amounts of fillers and reinforcing agents can also be mixed. With poex recompound machines, it is possible to process and direct extrusion of PETs; neither the pre-drying of these materials nor the crystallisation and agglomeration of the recyclers are required compared to conventional PET processing techniques.

Some of Advantages;

  • Capability to improve material performance by adding fillers or
    any other ingredients.
  • Homeogenous mixing of wastes has different melt flow index
  • Improved Vacuum Efficiency to has more quality product
  • The polymer has to under go less heat and shear stress
  • The process saves energy