Strand Belt Conveyor

The belt conveyor pelletizing system is specifically designed for the compounding of water-sensitive or highly filled (>60%) or fragile products. Variable system configuration permits a perfect adaptation to the product to be processed. Using the belt conveyor, even elastic and very flexible polymers may be handled easily and efficiently.

Instead of being conventionally extruded into a water bath, the polymer strands are extruded directly onto a plastic or steel conveyor belt, which carefully draws the fragile strands to the pelletizing unit.

This controlled drawing of the strands while they are still in a molten state prevents breaks in the strands and enables them to be directly fed into the pelletizer, where they are cut into uniform pellets. Depending on the application, the strands may be cooled with air, water, or both. Where water cooling is used, the SE air knife can be
used for efficient dewatering.